9 Practical Tips To Instantly Improve your Personal Branding

Personal branding
20th March 2022 devcon

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Hello, I am

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🤔 What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the process of creating and altering
the public perception of an individual to differentiate competition.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

✨ We want special!

You'll typically hear things like:

  • 🎯 Have focus
  • 👎 Be ready to fail
  • 💯 Be genuine
  • 🍃 Create a positive impact
  • 🕒 Be consistent
  • 📖 Tell a story
  • 🙄 and many more...

Unify your identity

twitter twitter twitter twitter

Describe yourself

A general template would be:

Who you're followed by, what you do followed by, the value you give.

Some examples

Chief of Technology & Strategy, APAC | SVP, Digital at GlobalLogic | Startup Mentor

Google Developer Expert for Angular| GitHub Star | Auth0 Ambassador | Software Consultant | Open source contributor

UX Designer & Storyteller at Zuddl • visit zuddl.com • anshmehra.com

building @michispotlight • community manager @dydxfoundation • dev advocate @scaler_official • @github field expert • @fof_mumbai • full-stack product designer

Community Program Manager @ Microsoft via Collabera Inc.

Indian | Cyber Intelligence & Digital Forensics | Speaker | Mentor | HUMINT


Be reachable

With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things.

And you need to be reachable if you want to meet the right people.


Choose your platforms

Focussed light looks brighter than dispersed light.

Wanting to be active on all social media platforms can easily overwhelm you!


Have your own space on the internet

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube...

Are not yours!

Your website

Is yours!


Plan out content

Consistency, Quality, Ambition all happen

When content is planned

notion planner

Network with people

Remember this? 👇

With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things.

That enemy/competitor/unknown/you're jealous of person could be the next 💎 gem


Find your niche

Better to be called a specialist in one field because

Everybody wants an expert!

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Build a community around your brand

Work hard, and you will earn good rewards.
Work smart, and you will earn great rewards.
Work hard & work smart, and you will earn extraordinary rewards.

✨ Thank you so much ✨

Special thanks to Falguni Sarkar, Ankita Sahu, Vishek Pratap.

and the entire team of mlsa devcon for giving me this amazing opportunity.

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