Beginner's Guide To Tailwind CSS

& Designing Simple Card UI
2nd August 2021 DevsStreet

Early CSS Era

pre css era

During the 1990s HTML 3.5 introduced with formatting tags
which made it more complex for developers to create websites
resulting in the creation of Cascading Stylesheet.

css code sample

The emergence of CSS frameworks

To prevent re-inventing HTML elements, or writing the same styles again & again, CSS frameworks that provided pre-defined styling emerged.

bootstrap button code example bootstrap buttons

A revolutionary CSS framework


bootstrap example button


tailwind example button

Why use Tailwind CSS?

Faster designing & smaller bundles



The Gotchas

HTML looks like this

html is a mess

My face when I see HTML

I'm confused'

Faster designing & smaller bundles



Did you know?

This presentation was made using Tailwind CSS


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Let's get to design! 🤘

Thank you!

Thank you to Devs' Street for giving me this opportunity!