Introduction To PWAs

Progressive Web Apps
17th October 2021 GDSC ITER
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Hey, I'm

Vasanth Srivatsa

What we'll be building?

A fast and responsive website

Desktop PWA App

A cross-platform desktop app

Desktop PWA App

And a cross-platform mobile app

PWA App Drawer PWA App

What are Progressive Web Apps?

They're enhanced web apps that aim to give an experience
similar to a native app.

Using technologies like:

  • 📂 Local storage
  • ⚡ Service worker caching
  • đŸ’Ŧ Push notifications
  • 🕹ī¸ Indexed Database
  • 🕒 Periodic Background sync
  • 🔮 Many on device level APIs

Perks of Progressive Web Apps

  • 🎉 Cross platform
  • đŸ“Ļ Installable & Publishable
  • đŸŦ Offline Availability
  • 🔍 Discoverable In Search
  • 🔗 Linkable Using URLs

Before we build a PWA

  • 🚀 As fast as a rocket
  • 🔐 As safe as a vault
  • đŸ’Ļ As fluid as water
  • 🤷‍♂ī¸ Preferably not a sub-page

Let's get to work! 🤘

Let's see if it is working 😅


to see if the PWA is installable

Got a question? Awesome!

I'd love to answer questions 🤓 in the chat or

you can shoot me a tweet at @vsnthdev.

Thank you so much 🙏

Special thanks to @asahu_dev and @Bravish_Ghosh

for giving me this amazing opportunity.